Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hack gmail passwords

Hack gmail passwords!

Simplest way of hacking into any kind of account was brought to my attention lately....
1. Log in to your own gmail account. This account must be at least 1 week old for this trick to work.
2. Now in your own account, compose/write an e-mail to: on which account u want to hack.This is the mailing address to the automated server that sends out passwords to users who have forgotten them. You are now going to do is trick the server into thinking that it is sending your password to you but it will send you the pass for the account you are trying to hack instead.
3. Make sure the subject line type exactly is “userpassword retrieve” (case sensitive, no inverted commas)
4. On the 1st line of mail write the email address that is hacked.
5. On the 2nd line type your e-mail address.
6. On the 3rd line type in the password to your email address (your own password). The computer needs your password so it can send a completed JavaScript form from your account in the Gmail Server to extract the other email addresses password. This works because you are sending your password to a machine not a person. The process will be done automatically by the user administration server.
7. Final step before sending the mail is, type on the fourth line the following code exactly:
2SUGm9qwM482SUGm9qwM48 (case sensitive)

The password will be sent to your inbox within 48 hrs in a mail called “System Reg Message” . Please don't hack me.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Windows Hack to Make a folder locked

Normally people use a lot of software to make file locked this normally is bit awkward (i feel so).

This is simple trick to make files locked/hidden....

Step One: Make a folder in any drive for example in C drive rename it as "xyz" (without quotes).

Step Two: Now open Command Prompt."cmd" (without quotes) in run from start menu

Step Three: Type "attrib +s +h C:\xyz" without quotes and press enter.

Step Four: Command will make your folder hidden and it can't be seen even in hidden files and folders

Step Five: To make it visible again type "attrib -s -h C:\xyz.

You can do this for any folder of your choice just change the address C:\xyz to your folder location.

Linux Startup Hack

Simple ticket to insert a script in startup

Step one: Create a script in /etc/init.d/ -> This is executed at statup

Step Two: Use the command -> update-rc.d with following syntax

update-rc.d [script-name] start [seq-num] [list-of-run-levels]
In this we have,
[seq-num] = 0 - 99
[list-of-run-levels] is separated by space, and terminated by "."

Monday, April 30, 2007

16GB Memory card

With Samsung giants all set to hit the market with 16Gb NAND memory chip the mobile technology is breaking new highs.This chip is claimed as largest storage chip available now in market for mobiles. Also used for other media devices like mp3 players and mp4 players currently apple dominated this era with stylish gadgets. Now its time for our Korean friends Samsung to take over the storage devices which now is lead by SanDisk and Sony

It has been a pretty long wait as most of the companies where burning down resources for some time ,to make one at minimum cost.A joint venture of Intel and Micron, IM Flash have already claimed sampling a 16Gbit multi-level cell (MLC) chip.This chips is spotted 16$ a piece in market.Many other like Scan Disk have already announced a new multichip (MCP) technology for mobile handsets. The latest MCP technology will include SanDisk’s NAND flash memory and controllers with Qimonda’s mobile DRAM technology.

A estimate produced shows, a staggering $21 billion is expected to spend on 16gigabit NAND flash by 2010. NAND is only one of the two architecture of flash technologies the otherone NOR used in memory cards. This is also promoted in USB Flash drives, MP3 players, and provides the image storage for digital cameras. Between the two NAND is the best suited to flash devices requiring with high capacity data storage. All this flash devices offer storage space up to 512-MB with faster erase, write, and read capabilities over NOR architecture.51nm Samsung’s NAND flash chips is approximated to be 60% more efficiently than those produced with 60nm process technology

Recent demand for High Def data storage and high-end music phones the migration to 16Gb is expected to boost And phones with HD facility is to be expected .

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tiered Internet

I’ve just been reading an article on tiered internet.
What is TIERED? means anything or any one of two or more competitors who tie one another.
Same is going to happen in internet. Tiered Internet means allowing companies to compete on even terms and keeping the infrastructure of the internet non-biased towards any online service provider.
Lets take a situation in which a company has developed an online service such as video streaming. As videos are reaching the people via the cables that have been laid down by Internet Service Providers(ISPs). ISPs are proposing that all data is not treated equal. They would charge you extra for the multimedia content or they would charge the content provider an extra fee to ensure quick delivery of that content on the network.
This similar to the days of private telephone infrastructure ownership where you could not call another person on a different network unless you signed up to their network. Those practises were causing people to subscribe to many phone networks just so they could call people that they needed to. This is the same with tiered internet. It’s motivated by greed primarily. If this goes ahead we might be in the situation where we are signed up to one provider for cheap email and low bandwidth application access but are forced to sign up to a different provider if we want to play our favourite online game.
I can’t believe people are even discussing this form of service separation in today’s environment of open standards and compatibility. Services from ISPs as we have it now are perfect. There’s no reason at all to change the model that these services are offered under.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to Remove Windows XP's Messenger

Open Explorer
Navigate to %SYSTEMROOT% \ INF folder.
For info The thing with the percentage signs is a variable.
For most %SYSTEMROOT% is C:\Windows.
For others, it may be E:\WinXP. Take it?
In the INF folder, open sysoc.inf (before that make BACKUP copy).
Look "msmsgs"
Near the end of the particular line with "msmsgs", you'll see the word "hide" is not so hidden.
Now Delete "hide" (so that the flanking commas are left sitting next to one another).
Save the file and close it.
Now, open the Add and Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.
Click the Add / Remove Windows Components icon.
You should see "Windows Messenger" in that list.
Remove the checkmark from its box, and you should be set.
NOTE: there are other hidden system components in that sysoc.inf file, too. Remove "hide" and the subsequent programs at your own risk.

Monday, April 16, 2007


World Population currently estimated as 650 Crore people. Out of this 6.5 billion people around 1 billion people are using internet. This 100 crore people are the main focus for any of the content specific website. Out of the huge population asia has more internet users, nearly 50% of the world and is expected to grow at a rapid rate. The main reason being India and China. But as of now most of the internet users are from USA. This site is highly based on the Internet usage statistics.

In a matter of very few years, the Internet has consolidated itself as a very powerful platform that has changed the way we do business, and the way we communicate. The Internet, as no other medium, has given an International or, if you prefer, a "Globalized" dimension to the world. It is the Universal source of information.

Internet is actually the most democratic of all the mass media. With a very low investment, anyone can have a web page in Internet. This way, almost any business can reach a very large market, directly, fast and economically, no matter the size or its location of your business. With a very low investment almost anybody that can read and write can have access to the World Wide Web.

Female User domination
Surveys done by varies organization confims females outnumber males as internet users , with no significant gender gap in Internet. A estimate is made that there will be 100million female internet users with more than 3 years old in 2007 or a woofing 52% of total online population. By 2010 this estimate is expected to reach 110 million.